My offer
I help people feel valued

Be acknowledged for who you truly are

Starting counselling can feel imposing, but I believe that any counselling journey begins with you and what you choose to bring. There is no right or wrong approach.

We will together build a counselling relationship that is suitable to your needs and desires.

Who I support

Counselling is for everyone. Every year, more and more people are discovering how counselling can help them to lead more fulfilling lives. Whatever your background, I believe therapy should be accessible and available.

I know from experience how it feels to not fit in, to be a young person in a world that sometimes feels overwhelmingly hostile, to feel alone and afraid.

For when you feel unheard, I can offer counselling that recognises your whole being, all the things that make you, you. Discover the power in being seen.

How counselling can help you

Counselling has the potential to help all of us. Whatever you're facing, therapy allows you a space to feel seen and heard, to find your place in the world and to become the best version of yourself.

Everyone's counselling journey is different. When we work together, our work will be tailored to your unique needs. Whatever it is you want to achieve, I will work to help you get there.

Life problems

If you're struggling, we can work through your feelings and look at ways to build resilience. Learn to live with challenges but not be ruled by them.

Identity and self-esteem

If you feel lost, we can peel back the layers to find your true self, and illuminate your inner potential. Become the person you were always meant to be.

Loneliness and isolation

If you feel alone, then we can help you to connect with both yourself and with others. Find your tribe and embrace your place in the world.

Relationship difficulties

If you are struggling with relationships – whether they are family, friends, colleagues or partners - we can look at how to balance your own wellbeing with those of others.

An offer that works for you

It's important that your therapy is suitable to your needs. Whether it's working in a way that feels most comfortable or is more accessible, the counselling I offer is tailored to you.

However we work together, you can expect the same level of individual care and attention.

Face to face sessions

Enjoy the benefits of in-person sessions in my comfortable counselling room, located in Shooters Hill. I can provide a safe and secure environment in which to work together.

Sessions are 50 minutes and cost £50.

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Online and phone sessions

I am pleased to offer sessions over telephone or video call (Zoom or Skype). Experience the same individually-tailored counselling experience from a space that is comfortable and accessible to you.

Sessions are 50 minutes and cost £50.

Discover my approach
Be informed

It's natural to have questions, so please browse my frequently asked questions if you are curious about anything. If your question isn't listed, please feel free to contact me.


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David always made me feel important, like nothing I needed was too much.

I’m David Sullivan

As a solo practitioner, my identity and journey lie at the heart of my practice.

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