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No two counsellors are the same. Learn more about my philosophy as a counsellor and how this shapes my work with clients.

Be seen, be heard

What we are, and what we perceive ourselves to be, can be two very different things. How we see ourselves is shaped by our environment, our relationships and a myriad of other factors.

There is value in simply being seen and heard. In a safe, non-judgemental space, counselling can provide a way for you to see all the facets of your being.

By being seen, we gain the ability to see. Discover yourself, and learn how to live and thrive in accordance with your truest self.

How I work

In an initial session, I work with you to create a contract that is mutually agreeable, outlining how we will work together and and what you hope to achieve from counselling.

Based on your needs I will draw from several approaches to counselling in order to help you reach your goals throughout the course of our work.


Working in the here-and-now, looking at current issues and methods of coping.

We will look at ways of bringing your inner self into alignment with what you show to the rest of the world, permitting you to live to the fullest by seeing that all of your needs are met.


Working with your past history, looking at the events which have shaped your sense of self and becoming conscious of the unconscious processes behind your actions.

We will explore your concept of yourself and how events have made you into the person you are now, allowing you to gain a greater understanding of yourself.


Combining both of these approaches, we will look at how past events can explain your response to current issues.

By exploring significant events in your life, we can work to help you understand yourself better and to develop new ways of maximising your potential.

I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself. I know the difference between who I am and what other people see.
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